Osho Resort - The Perfect Place to Rejuvenate


Mind, body, and Soul are very much interconnected with an unseen tag that revolves around our life. All three have to be in good shape if we want a fruitful and successful life. Craving for internal enlightenments including body and mind, tourists from all over the world head towards Osho Commune Center in Pune, Maharastra.

Associated with sex scandals and sexual preaching, this center has come over an age and now represents the most influential part of healthy being through its spiritualistic therapies.

Just 120 km away from Mumbai in South-east direction resides one of the premium and largest meditation center for personal growth.

The resort has its own rules and regulation, each one safeguarding the health of the people visiting the commune. For people who visit Osho commune for the first time, it might be a shock, that you might have to give an AIDS test. Categorized as a resort, this centre is a retreat where an up-market people throng from different places of the globe.

The center follows a daily regime of 12 active and passive meditation and the schedule starts from 6 AM in the morning and ends at 10:30 PM.

The Center provides Guesthouse plus Living-In Residential Program depending on the tenure of your stay within the resort.

The commune provides everything to pamper you and make you feel at home yet away from home. The resort is created to de-stress, entertain, and liberate your negative energy in order to rejuvenate you from your past.

You can purchase those maroon robes (approx. Rs 500) to mingle with the changing environment and for spending relaxed moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Apart from Olympic size swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, Gym, tennis, moonlit parties, and creative cuisines, the resort has a spectrum of meditation therapy from orthodox to the bizarre and from austere to extreme sexy. If this doesn't fascinate you, then resort has more to inculcate a desire to visit this place. The resort has Tarot readers, past life therapists, Reiki masters, shamans all supported by an excellent infrastructure and facilities.

Sprawling over 40 acres of landscape, Osho Meditation Centre is created at the backdrop of a waterfall that gives it an intriguing look. Boasting dramatic and extravagant architecture, the center is one of the major attractions of Pune.

With a visitor list including people like Vinod Khanna, Mahesh Bhatt, Goldie Hawn , and Jeh Wadia, the commune has already created interest in the mind of the people. The resort is generally filled with good looking people in maroon robes. You will find people wearing halter necks, bias cuts, empire cuts, Kaftans- showcasing the maroon in different styles.

Encompassing the Osho Samadhi, it is a set of a beautiful hushed grove of bamboo stands and mixed with deciduous trees hung with flowering creepers. The resort has 60 guest rooms and you have the choice to stay in these rooms for around three to four days.