What Essentials Travel Accessories A Wanderlust Must carry on their trip to India?


Often, travelers pack our bags with loads of clothes and other items for our trip, not realizing about essentials items. This is one reason they face challenges while traveling in other countries. India is a special country with diverse culture and climate, thereby it is important to carry a few essential items on your trip to make it easy and comfortable.  India is a diverse country with mountains, deserts, jungles, beaches, etc. As a country, India may offer you challenges, thereby you shall always be prepared.

Here is the checklist of products to pack, that I have curated for your trip.


Personal Water Filter

Though it is highly recommended to drink bottled water, there could be times when you may not find it. In such situation, a personal water filter may be of great help. A personal water filter not only weighs less but is also inexpensive. You can also carry a Micro-filter Bottle Set.


Toilet Sanitizer Spray & Seat Covers

Hygiene is a major problem in India and with that kind of population, cleanliness of public toilets is hard to maintain. I would recommend doing your stuff in the hotel, well before you leave for sightseeing. For emergency use, carry both sanitizer and toilet seat covers to be safe and hygienic. Also, you can pack a female urinary device, that helps women to pee just like men.


Mosquito Repellent

You read it right. India has a varied climate; hot, rainy, cold. So just to protect yourself from mosquitos, carry a bottle of mosquito repellent.


Hand Sanitizer & Paper Soaps

 This is yet another important thing to carry on your trip to India and shall be in your handbag at all times. While traveling, it is not possible that you may find the facility of soap everywhere. Also, just to maintain your hand hygiene both sanitizer and paper soaps are imperative.


Universal Travel Adapter

We all carry our laptops, mobile phones, and camera on a trip but often forget that every country has a different voltage outlet. With a universal travel adapter, you will be able to charge your all essential gadgets.


Zip Lock Bags –

They are important in keeping your food items and accessories safe and reachable. They don’t let your food be soggy and you can have it any time with full confidence as it is also away from the dust.


Emergency Light & Radio

If you are planning your trip to rural India, it is quite possible you may not find electricity and phone network. In both the cases, the use of these two items comes as a savior to remain to enlighten in dark and to remain connected to know what is happening in the country. In case, not emergency light, then carry a solar-powered inflatable light.



Pack this without any second thought. India is hot and humid and the sun can scorch your glowing skin at any given point of time. Sunscreen will protect you and moisturize your skin.


Combination Locks

Will be honest here, that you may come across Thugs and many other anti-social elements in India. While you may keep your eye and ear open, but carrying a combination lock on your trip will help you be protected.


A Solar Charger

One thing that you may find in abundance in India is Sun rays. Thus, carrying a solar charger is an equally good idea to keep your mobile running at all times. Alternatively, you can also carry a power bank.


Dust or Antipollution Mask

India has dust and it may cause irritation or allergy while traveling. The pollution mask helps to stay away from both and also save you from the sun.



If possible, you can either buy this from India itself or pack your own. It is advisable to have it in your handbag with the kind of weather condition we have in India