Try Tasty Street Food of India on your Trip

Not far from the regional cuisine, street food is a vital part of the culinary experience in India. They are the essence of our culture, with age-old legacies. Known for their taste and variety, the street food of India is the most loved & delightful memorabilia to take back from an Indian trip.

Just like Cricket, food is also a religion in India, where street food dominates the mind of the Indians. Requesting you to add street food on your trip to India and unfurl a gastronomical adventure to reminisce.

1)   Panipuri (Pronunciation in English: pa·ni·pu.ri)

Photo by Amresh Gupta from Pexels

Panipuri of the most popular street foods found all over India. It has different names in different states, as in Uttar Pradesh, this snack is known as Golgappa, West Bengal it is called the Puchka and in Central India, it’s called Gup Chup, etc.

Panipuri consists of pure, a deep-fat fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour, mixed with chickpeas, onions, potatoes, chutney, chutney, and tangy tamarind water. Apart from the size of the Puri, the ingredient mix may also vary from state to state.

You can easily find the Pani-Puri vendors across any street in India, but just to help you out we have enlisted few known Pani Puri vendors in different states. Just, in case, you happen to visit the place, you shall not forget to savor them.

Where to East Pani Puri (Puchkas) in Kolkata?

  • Pravesh Pani Puri, Alipore
  • Krishna Kant Sharma Fuchka Wala, Park Street Area

For fancy panipuri (aka Puchkas), head towards Puckalacious. This is a hygienic restaurant with flavors of the street.

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    Where to East Pani Puri in Delhi?

    • Vaishnav Chaat Bhandar
    • Bengali Sweet House

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    2)   Samosa (Pronunciation in English: suh·mow·suh)

    Photo by Satyam Verma from Pexels

    Your trip to India is incomplete if you will not savor SAMOSA. This is a golden-brown snack that came to India along the old trade routes from Central Asia. It is one of the most popular Indian snacks and served across all food stalls on streets across India.

    They are deep-fried and jam-packed with a variety of ingredients ranging from vegetables such as onions, lentils, spiced potatoes, peas, or ground meat.

    Originally Samosa was named as Samsa, after the pyramids in Central Asia, historical accounts also refer to it as sanbusak, sanbusaq or even sanbusaj, all deriving from the Persian word, sanbosag.

    It is generally served with Mint Chutney, Cranberry Chutney, Tamarind Chutney

    Where to Eat Samosa in Delhi?

    • The Maha Samosa
    • Munni Lal Halwai

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    Where to Eat Samosa in Mumbai?

    • Sion A1 Samosa, Goregaon
    • A1 Samosa, Sion

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    3)   Vada Pav (Pronunciation in English: vuh-dah pao )

    Vada Pav is a local street food of Maharastra. It is also spelled as vada pao, wada pav, or wada pao. It is prepared by cutting a bun into equal parts and afterward setting a pan-fried potato dumpling inside it with different sauces applied on the bun. The sauce can be Green Chutney, Tamarind, or Chilli chutney. Some vendors customize the vada pav sauce according to the customer taste buds.

    Also, Vada Pav is easy on the pocket. It is one of the most common dishes Maharashtrian plunges on.

    Where to eat Vada Pav in Mumbai?

    • Ashok Vada Pav, Prabhadevi
    • Shankar Vada Pav, Bandra West

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    4)   Dabeli (Pronunciation in English: Dah-be-lih)

    Famous street food with its heritage in Kutch. You'll be astounded by the fact that around 20 lakh dabelis are consumed every day in the area of Kutch. It is a fiery bite prepared as a blend of dabeli masala and boiled potatoes which are then placed into a burger like a bun, called 'ladi pav'. The dish is served with different sauces like garlic, tamarind, date, bean stew, etc. Dabeli is garnished with peanuts, pomegranate and namekeen.

    Where to Eat Dabeli in Gujarat?

    • Karnavati Dabeli Center
    • Bhai Bhai Dabeli Karelibaug

    5)   Chole Bathure


    This street food is from Punjab & it is madly cherished by Indians. This dish is one of the most eaten street foods in Northern India. It serves as a complete meal as well as a snack.

    The tasty chickpeas arranged in a heap of flavors is eaten with the singed bread produced using maida. Chole Bhature is a spicy local delight with the heaven of flavors. The dish is prepared meticulously with special Punjabi flavors and you just cannot miss it when you are on your trip to India.

    One of the most loved dishes of Punjab is served with onions and pickles.

    Where to Eat Chole Bathure in Punjab?


    6)   Appam

    It is the Indian version of Pancake. Appam is quite popular in South India especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is often taken as a meal or breakfast. It is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It is also known as Hoppers, Ãppa, kallappam, vellappam, palappam. Customarily, this dish is served with curries such as Ishtu  Urulakizhangu mappas  Erachi mappas  Thalachor kariyet , but it can also be gobbled straight up.

    It is a locally served dish and can be eaten anywhere in South India.

    Where to Eat Appam in New Delhi?

    • Dakshin, New Delhi
    • Sarvana Bhawan, New Delhi

    Where to Eat Appam in Mumbai?

    • Banana Leaf Restaurant
    • Thangabali, Mahim
    • Arya Bhawan

    7)   Dosa

    Yet another South Indian delight which loved by all Indians. Dosas are thin pancake made out of a fermented batter of rice and black lentils. Dosa is seemingly the most famous breakfast dish in South India, and has its presence in other parts of India. 

    Dosa is the staple food of South Indian and can be found anywhere from street food stalls down to extravagant eateries. It is a 2000-year-old Tami Recipe. Dosa is called differently in different South Indian states - Thosai in Tamil, Dosha in Telugu and Malayalam, Dosey in Kannada & Dosa in Norther India.

    It is generally served with Sambhar Curry, Cocunut Chutney, Red Tomato Chutney.

    Where to Eat Dosa in New Delhi?

    • Carnatic Cafe, New Friends Colony, Delhi
    • Sagar Ratna, Connaught Place, Delhi
    • Naivedyam, Hauz Khas, Delhi
    • Saravana Bhavan, Connaught Place, Delhi

    8)   Jhalmuri

    After Puchkas, it is Jhalmuri in Kolkata. It is blend of puffed rice, namkeen, peanuts, coriander, onions, tomatoes, flavors, chillies, lemon and spicy masala. Easy on the pocket, it is one of the most popular snacks of Kolkata which is famous in other parts of India. As per the history, this popular snack was sold by Bihari migrants to soldiers during World War II. Historians suggest, it first grew popular on the Kolkata streets, the former capital of the British Raj, during World War II.

    As a local delight, Jhalmuri is served in cones or bags formed out of newspapers

    Where to Eat Appam in Kolkata?

    • Anuradha café
    • Raj restaurant


    9)   Kulfi (pronounced cool-fee)

    If simply described, it is an Indian Version of Ice Cream. Though the idea is similar yet there are many differences in between Kulfi and and Ice Cream. This frozen dairy dessert originated in the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century. It is popular all over India but especially you can find tourist gobbling near Indian Gate (Delhi), Gateway of India and the Elephanta Caves ( Mumbai)

    Where to Eat Kulfi in New Delhi?

    • Kuremal Mahavir Prasad KulfiWale
    • Roshan Di Kulfi

    10)  Momos

    Similar to dim sims, Momos is a popular local snack of India, or shall I say now the National Snack of India. Popular grub amongst young, Momos come from Sikkim. It is originally a Tibetan dish, but now well integrated with Indian food cusine. It comes in variations. Momo is a sort of steamed dumpling with different filling. Momo has become a conventional delicacy in Nepal, Tibet, Nepalese and Northeast India and Darjeeling  India.

    Where to Eat Momos in New Delhi?

    • Dolma Aunty Momos
    • Dilli19