Indian Travel Bloggers Who Inspired Me to Write

 I always wanted to pen down about India & IndianTravelbuzz was the best way for me to talk about its intriguing destination and travel spots. Explored almost all states of India, it never came to my mind that I shall put up my travel experiences somewhere. As writing is not my foray, I was a bit reluctant, but during lockdown, I got ample time to read few travel writers blogs who have immensely inspired to start my own blog. Believe me, they are as good as a travel guide and their description about destinations is matchless.

I may not be near to their writing but they have helped me a lot in knowing about the different travel places in India and World. Reading & Following them make me understood that the world is an oyster and we shall be brave enough to explore it on our own.

Apart from the blogs below, you can also refer to the list top 200 blog, website and influencers compiled by Feedspot. The list collects popular travel blogs which will help to plan your travel to India and other parts of the world.

My purpose of documenting this blog is appreciate the efforts of the travel bloggers who take an effort to dig deep to provide genuine travel information to make your trip easy.   

1.      Shivya Nath - Shooting Star


There is so much to write about her. Truly an inspiration for those who are slaves to the corporate world and thinking of lifetime freedom. She quit her decent grossing corporate job at the age of 23. Sold all her possession to travel around the world. This is too little to describe her, let start with her awards that can give you a clear picture of who she is.


·         Featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveller India magazine!

·         Awarded silver for best writing in a travel blog at TBC Asia Awards.

·         Her work was featured on The Washington Post, among travellers changing the way we think of the world.

·         Won Gold for best communicator at the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards India.


No wonder, She owns the top ranking travel blog in Asia – The Shooting Star.

Refer to her Interview on Responsible



2) Archana Singh – TravelSeeWrite

Unlike Shivya, Archana didn’t leave her job rather she made travel as her profession. She opened her own venture TravelSeeWrite and now works as a Brand Consultant, Influencer, Photographer, and a Public Speaker . 

She loves to discover offbeat destinations and her search for untold stories never ends. She is a now one of the popular bloggers with a massive fan following with many global brands for endorsement.

Her credentials will help you understand the amount of energy she has give in to create her small yet own empire.


3) Anuradha Goyal : IndiaTales

Third on my list is Anuradha Goyal, more to girl power! She started blogging in the year 2004 with her travel stories. She is a joyful travel writer who loves to jot down her travel experience. She authored “Mouse charmers: Digital pioneers of India” and co-authored “India innovates” series for the CII.

Her list of awards are as follows

·         Digital Innovation Award 2014

·         Best digital content award at Digital Women Award in 2015.

·         Outlook Traveller nominated IndiTales in the best travel blog category.

·         Pt Deen Dayal Upadhaya Award for Reengineering India 2020


4) Lakshmi Sharath - TravelWithLaxmi

Being a globetrotter didn’t come naturally to Laksmi Sharath. She has worked for 15 years behind the desk, then finally understood her passion toward travel and writing. Travelwithlaxmi started in the year 2004 with notion to share her travel experience. Gradually, it became her full-time desire.

She has worked with 50 clients across different categories – travel luxury, travel sites, aviation, hospitality besides auto, finance, gadgets, fashion, food and lifestyle brands

She has been featured on Lonely Planet as well as a contest winner for her stories.


5) Neelima Vallangi –

Another Wandering Soul as her blog describes her. She is a wandering Travel Writer and Photographer. She worked as a Software engineer in Bangalore firm from the year 2008 to 2014. She left her job in 2014 and took up a nomadic life in the year 2015. From here her journey begin into her own world of desire – travelling and photography. Less she knew she will get an acknowledgement at such an early stage and won the reputed National Award for photography.

She has contributed are write-ups and photographs to BBC, NatGeo Traveller, Travel+Leisure, Mint, Indian Express. Here is link to her work.

5)         Arnab Maity :

Finally, I have a boy on my list and he is none other than Arnab Maity. He started young as his passion for photography and travelling could not bounded in the concrete jungles of the city.

He was featured by Lonely Planet as a travel blogger for 3 years and his photograph made it to the cover of World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) calendar for 2013.

He also won travel writing contest by Expedia. Now he is working as freelance travel writer and photographer. His credentials may not be as strong as the girls, but his love for travel and photography is unparalleled.


6) Ankita Sinha - AnkionTheMove

She is another writer who inspired me with her travel muse. She is not only a blogger but own her own Youtube Channel. It is success of such people who instilled me to create my own blog. She quit her IT job to explore places.

Her achievement are as follows

Covered NYTimesTravelShow 2018 & IIFA Awards 2018 as media.

•Interviewed winners at Survive and Thrive as part of Zee TV's in Connecticut, USA.

•Have worked in collaboration with Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism, NY and Visit Milwaukee USA.

•Represented at Hi Hostels Travel Blogger Summit NYC

•Interviewed on United Voice of Women on Mana TV/TV5 USA.And many more.