How is Bikaner Camel Festival in Rajasthan Celebrated ?


The living masterpieces created by camel enthusiasts on the bodies of animals, can easily put the top hairstylists in shame. Come to Bikaner to see an amazing plethora of art and festival of camel - the obsession of desert people. Bikaner, the largest camel farm in Asia holds a colourful event every year devoted to their favourite animal. This two days event is homage to humped ones where travellers can witness exotic festivity.

The event consists of camel races, camel rides, camel tugs-of-war, even a camel pageant! What’s more? One can witness dancing camels, most decorated camel and best haircut camel; no doubt they love this animal.

The festival kicks off with a beauty pageant of camels, while the second day is dedicated to camel races, camel tugs-of-war and other event. At last in the night people give a little break to humped one and involve in traditional dances including renowned Bikaner fire dancing. The festival ends with fantastic fireworks in the night.

Activities in Bikaner Camel Festivals

A stunning experience where one can enjoy camel races, camel milking, fur cutting design, camel acrobatics and camel beauty contest. You can meet numerous camel traders and craftsmen who come here from far corners of Rajasthan, in addition, you can taste various indigenous Rajasthani cuisines, souvenir shopping and needless to say, taking memorable photos.

The night is devoted to traditional Rajasthani dance such as skirt-swirling dance, fire dance and others. The lengthy firework demonstration lights up the fortified desert city. Don’t forget to have a taste of tea made of camel’s milk along with traditional Rajasthani snacks.

Tips for the Festival

Packs woollen as the morning and nights are quite shivering in the desert. You can travel to nearby Junagadh Fort, which sets the background of the festival.