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The Six Yards Saga of Kolkata Sarees

  The festive season in India starts from Autumn. So be it a festival or a marriage, Indian women are mostly cladded with traditional sarees, making them naturally beautiful. Saree brings out the true essence of Indian women adorned with a bindi. The love for sarees can be seen in the eyes of Indian women.  When grace and culture were mingled, saree was born.  As wonderfully said, “A saree can convert a girl next door into an artist's muse!” Kolkata boasts different styles of Sarees and is amongst the wanted list of Indian women wardroom. Lets’ unfurl the six-yard story which makes Kolkata a hub for the shopaholic. Style yourself with sheer elegance and pure grace. Sabyasachi, a famous Indian designer, took Kolkata sarees to another level including likes of Indian celebrities. Owning one piece of Kolkata saree in your wardrobe is a must.   Korial & Garad Saree This saree is synonymous to Kolkata. Korial and Garad are very similar to each other. Korial is a completely wh

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